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He is my best friend.
Posted by Admin on 23-11-2013 at 2:28 pm Under Articles

I love him very much !

Because, he would always gives cheerfulness to me without relationship, letting me share everything that I couldn't with anyone else.

Because, he is always available whenever I need him, keeping his doors open even at the odd hours of night.

Because, He always hug me in spite of ignorance from my site but he can not wait.

Because, When I Miss him , When I call him , He immediately start to reach near to me inspite of having very far.

Because, he keeps inspiring me through his stunningly beautiful act of voice, never allowing me to succumb to my pains and agonies as long as I'm with his. 

Being with him, as a part of his existence, motivates me to win over every negativity in and around my life. Anytime, and every time I meet him, he would smile at me , hug me ,shower on me a heavy rain of positivity. 

Whenever I feel sad, down with a near fatal give up condition, I leave aside everything and come running to him. And he, without questing and uttering a single word, would welcome me with a life saving symbolic hold close.

Even though he can't talk, I can hear her sweet voice; even though he can't hear, I can sense his reaction to my words; even though he can't see, he always know whenever I reach him. 

Despite not able to see, hear and talk, he is my biggest source of encouragement. Because, he, through her motivating voice, makes me realize that life is a journey that I must complete winning over intolerable pains and distress. 

He, my most excellent companion , friend and comrade , is the 'Neighborhood Sea! Devka Beach :

                                                Manoj Kumar Sharma, Daman

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