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How to Enhance Public Speaking Skills at a Young Age?
Posted by Admin on 22-02-2014 at 8:31 pm Under Articles

 How to Enhance Public Speaking Skills at a Young Age?


At some point or the other every one needs to speak in public on various occasions. The venue for delivering the speech might be different from person to person as also the topic of the speech. But the overall experience of delivering the speech is similar in most cases and that is nervousness in the beginning. But as people get familiar with speaking in public the nervousness reduces and it reaches a level where no pre-preparation is needed except for gathering information and data. To reach this level of speaking everyone takes time though some may take more time than others. But in the beginning it is good to get an idea as to how to speak in public effectively and also be confident about making a speech. It is good to start early so that when the need comes as an adult the youngster is well prepared and has overcome the nervousness and is able to face the public with confidence.

Once you have been chosen to speak on a particular topic by your teacher, school or college, remember that you need to sure of what the topic is. Once the subject of your speech is confirmed, find out the most interesting aspect of that subject and choose that as the topic of the speech. Find out as much information as you can from different books, journals, people familiar with the topic and above all the internet. There is a whole volume of information on the internet that can be unearthed and used to make your topic highly informative and interesting. Ensure that you have the authentic data and information and whatever information you have must be verified before it is used in the speech. There should not be any challengers to the information you provide. Hence authenticity of the information is vital for a speech that is delivered in public. 

Before you get to the day of delivering your speech, find out from the school authorities what kind of audience is likely to be present. If the audience is made up of a young crowd you could try being slightly more informal with them and add a few anecdotes, humorous stories, 

personalized speech and some trivial information as fillers. This will keep the audience more attentive and focused on your speech. Adding a light joke or comical articulation and gestures are great techniques to ensure that the attention of the audience is swayed towards your speech and that it does not get distracted in any way. Being highly interactive with the audience is a good way to make an impression and even if you are in the middle of delivering a speech, it is good to acknowledge the arrival of a guest. But always do so without forgetting about what you were talking about and without getting diverted from your topic. 

The most effective keyword here is practice and you need to practice over and over again. You need to visualize you delivering the speech, the people in the audience, the hall which must be familiar with you and above all the ideas that you have noted down on a paper that will be in front of you during the process of the speech. All must be in front of your eyes in such a way that when the time comes for you to deliver the speech, everything seems familiar. 

One fact must be kept in mind and that is even that great speakers and orators of all times have had nervous attacks and hesitations. Consider all these negativities and don’t allow them to affect you. Remember if ever you speak and feel nervous, don’t apologize just go ahead and 


All the BEST!!!!

Anup Sharma

( Educationist with more than 15 years expeience in India and Abroad. Presently He is serving the cause of education in Tanzania. You can send your responses to him at anupanjan@yahoo.com)

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