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Facts of our Earth
Posted by Admin on 09-05-2013 at 1:13 am Under Articles

                   Facts  of  our Earth

·    Earth is tipped at 23 and ½ degrees in orbit. The axis is what causes different seasons on planet Earth.

·    Food can be grown only on about 11 peresent of the Earth’s surface.

·    About 100 million tons of sand particles are carried around the Earth yearly due to breeze. This means if you live in America,you could have sand that has been carried by the wind from the Gobi desert faraway in china.

·    Earth’s weight increases by about 100,000 pound each year due to meteoric shower. This shower is essentially in the form of dust.

·    Planet Earth is like pumpkin in shape and is getting wider in the middle with more and more mountain glaciers melting.

Yashasvi Vashishtha

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