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Acting As A Subject In School
Posted by Admin on 13-04-2013 at 8:03 am Under Articles

Acting As A Subject In School 

Today with the huge influx of student graduating from schools and colleges and making a beeline to the Medical and Engineering colleges in the country, there is a large vacuum created for other professions that are away from the norm.  Today a lot of opportunities have arisen due to globalization and the increase in the industrial sector as well as non- manufacturing sectors. Earlier no one would think of making a profession out of acting, singing or dancing but today people do think out of the box and are taking acting degrees to enable them to become an actor. Same is the case with singing, dancing and other performing arts. Also people are now looking at sporting activities to make a career for themselves. It is because of such decisions that a whole lot of careers have come up in the horizons and those who think of careers beyond engineering and medicine are being successful in their choice.

Options for an Acting Profession:

Today some of the options for an actor include taking up a job of an actor in TV, Films and stage. Apart from this the actor in the initial stages of the career can generate a substantial amount of income by becoming an acting teacher.  But the career of an actor till successful can be quite traumatic unless the actor is equipped with other skills like singing and dancing, teaching, painting or any other.

Acting career in Theater

As a theater actor today there are many opportunities as most actors once established cross over to more lucrative grounds likes films, television and radio. So there is a dearth of good actors for the stage. A stage actor needs more skills like timing, presence of mind and alertness as it is a live audience for whom the actor performs so there is a great challenge that lies before the stage actor.

Acting in Television and Radio,

The job of a television actor is more secure as the television dramas carry on for ages. There needs to be continuity for years as the episodes continue for years and hence the actors need to be the same in most cases. Very rarely do you find actors changing in the characters. Television and Radio are considered stepping stones to Films and a larger platform for actors.

Acting career in Films

Acting in Films is not only lucrative but had added values as you get to be famous too. To be a professional film actor you not only need to be presentable but you must be able to get across the emotions to the audiences with your acting skills. Honing up your skills is one way to become more professional and you can do that at the different training schools that are found all over the world. By taking a degree or a certification in acting from some of the world class institutions you are most likely to be recognized as a good actor. 

For a country to be able to provide more professionals in the field of acting there should be provisions in the curriculum to include acting as one of the subj3ectys. This will make it easier for young talents to be noticed and also recognize4d. Moreover, getting into the profession becomes easy as the young actors are already trained and hence have a fair knowledge of acting in them. This along with their inherent talent can do wonders. Apart from acting, they can continue to do their academic courses so that till they find a footing in the industry as an actor, they will be able to sustain themselves with the salary that they earn from a job which an academic degree can give them. 

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