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Pakistan's school won the India-Pakistan debate 2013
Posted by Admin on 04-04-2013 at 4:48 am Under General Educational news

New Delhi, April  (IANS) Pakistan's Lahore-based Salamat International Campus for Advanced Studies (SICAS) Thursday won the India-Pakistan School Debate 2013 held at the Siri Fort auditorium here.

 Organised jointly by the Debating Society of India and Debating Society of Pakistan, students of SICAS and Kolkata-based La Martiniere school debated on free trade between the two countries.
 SICAS's team was represented by Azeem Liaquat and La Martiniere's team was represented by Yamir Tainwala.
 While Tainwala argued that a free trade agreement would bring economic prosperity and ease tension between the two nations, Liaquat said that such agreement would benefit only Indian companies and increase unemployment in Pakistan.
 He added that Indian companies tend to gain if free trade was implemented as Pakistan's industrial sector was inferior to that of India's.
 Tainwala rejected the argument saying that free trade would benefit both the country as the economic growth triggered by it would have a trickle down effect in that country. However, his argument did not impress the judges.

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