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There are many ways you can make singing your career and they include:
Posted by Admin on 11-04-2013 at 7:49 am Under Articles
  1. Singing on the Stage: When characters enact different type of roles and there is a need to express some feeling or thought in the play, it is usually done by the singers on the stage. The chorus is an important aspect of any stage play and today musicals plays have really picked up globally. A.R. Rahman’s “Bombay Dreams” for example is one such play in which a number of singers have sung popular Rahman songs for musical play. Another example is that of Disney’s “The Lion King” in which a lot of singers have sung songs on the stage for the musical. So today musicals have become very popular and singing on stage is now become a lucrative career.
  2. Singing Jingles: today the advertising world survives basically of its music. The advertisers make popular singers sing songs for their advertisements and attract consumers. Most of today big names in the musical world started out their careers with jingles and one of the biggest names in India’s music history is A. R. Rahman who composes music for a number of advertisements and in which a number of famous singers sing.
  3. Performer for Events: As a singer you are in demand at all levels of events, be it a local program or a large scale event. Once you are known you can make it a career and perform on any stage anywhere in the world wherever you are invited to. This is a highly lucrative job as singing for events is a highly paid job once you reach a certain level. Before that by performing locally at your local events or programs, your school, college and finally university programs  you can make a name for yourself leading to being called for events.
  4. Playback Singing: This is what most singers aspire for and where most singers also make the mistake. Playback singing is a mixture of luck and talent. Both alone will not take you to make a career so if you are really interested in playback singing, you need to have a substantial income job which should help you financially to look out for people to give you that first break. Even after you get the break, you need to be earning, till you make a name for yourself and you are able to get a good number of playback offers. Once you have got some good offers you can then take it forward by working on it. For a playback singer to be famous, the film needs to be a hit. Very rarely do you find the singer getting more importance than the film.
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