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Indians see Australia as a good place to visit, live, work and study: Foreign Minister Bob Carr
Posted by Admin on 17-04-2013 at 3:25 am Under General Educational news

New Delhi, (IANS) Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr Wednesday welcomed findings of a survey that indicates Indians see Australia as a good place to visit, live, work and study.

The survey by the Lowy Institute for International Policy and the Australia India Institute indicated that Australia was viewed as a country that was friendly to India, with attractive values, strong educational institutions and a sound political system, said a statement.

Carr said the survey confirmed the strength of Australia-India ties.

"Foreign Minister Bob Carr acknowledged the contribution both organisations had made towards the bilateral relationship between Australia and India," it said.

"This report focuses on our shared values and interests which have seen Australia's relationship with India develop into one of our key strategic and economic partnerships in the region," Carr said.

"It is gratifying to see positive results of Indian feelings towards Australia, Indian judgements of the quality of Australia's education system, and Indian views on working with Australia in our shared neighbourhood."

Senator Carr acknowledged there were elements of the relationship where Australia needed to do more.

The report noted lingering concerns regarding the issue of safety for Indian students in Australia but showed the overall perception of Australia's education standards was strong, with 75 percent of Indians seeing Australia as a good place to be educated.

Australia's Indian community of more than 450,000 is our fastest growing migrant community and India is our second-largest source of international students, the statement said.

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