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Career beyond medical and engineering
Posted by Admin on 19-02-2013 at 2:11 pm Under Articles

Every year millions of students graduate out of high school and are at the crossroads of choosing a career which will bring prosperity into their lives. But almost 90% of the students think of taking up Engineering or Medicine for their higher studies in order to become a sought after engineer or a doctor. Thinking out of the box is very rare and only a few student take up careers outside of medicine and engineering. So what are the career options that can attract students after the +1/2 levels which can give them equal job satisfaction, prosperity and money as that of an engineer or a doctor.

Career Options other than medicine /engineering

With changing trends and the increase in different demands for manpower, there has been a change in the kind o options that are being considered by students as career options. They include:

·         Sports & Related Fields: today sports are a lucrative career option but more than the academics involved it is the need to be gifted with the talent for a particular sport. This is in the case of you opting to be a player. Sports related fields like sports management, Sports anchors and commentators, sports journalism and also controlling sporting areas and stadiums are all part of the sports related career options. In some cases you might need a particular training or an academic degree, but in most cases you do not. You can either branch out on your own as a sports journalist freelancer or attach yourself to some media related organization.

·         Entertainment industry: This needs no introduction at all as each aspect of the industry is known to all. Whether it’s taking up film or TV acting, music, or exhibiting any other inherent talent one factor remains common which is very important. Whatever field you want to pursue must be done in the right way with the necessary training and degree in hand. Simply talent will not be adequate enough to help you make a career in the entertainment industry.

·         Fashion industry: The fashion industry is one of the most booming industries and the high number of employment opportunities available makes it one of the most viable too. But it should be noted that your interest in the field should also be a factor that needs to be considered because a high level of creativity and imagination is needed to understand the changing trends of fashion.

·          Hospitality, Travel & Tourism: All the three go together though each one has an entity of its own. If you take up a career in any one you must also be informed about the other two as they are all inter-related. You can take up specialization courses in any one for an employment and to make a career of it.

·         Event management: A new opportunity for young entrepreneur to make career of and it is so lucrative that you can take it to the corporate level. Today with every second event being organized, the job of an event manager stretches to quite a variety of roles and depending on your likes and dislikes you can pick your role.

·         Shipping/Aeronautical/Logistics: with an increase in corporate businesses and globalization there is a lot of to and fro movement of both goods and manpower. So the transportation industry has grown in leaps and bounds and today a large number of employment opportunities have risen out of it.

·          Journalism and Media: Another industry that has attracted plenty of popular attention is that of the media and journalism. Visual and Audio journalism apart from the age old print journalism have all grown extensively providing career opportunities to a large number of people in this sector in various divisions.

So, don’t be led by the age old traditions of following careers that make you a doctor or an engineer but look beyond them to find a whole new world of career choices for you to make. In all probabilities, one of them might turn out to be your dream job. 


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