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Register online for the new four-year undergraduate course with Delhi University.
Posted by Admin on 05-06-2013 at 4:48 pm Under General Educational news

New Delhi, Thousands of students who were about to register online for the new four-year undergraduate course with Delhi University were not able to do so, as the university website suffered a technical glitch Wednesday, the first day of the admission process.

"There has been some technical fault and we are trying to resolve it. The problem should be resolved in a few hours," Avinashi Kapoor, professor and joint dean, students' welfare, south campus, Delhi University, told IANS.

"I have been sitting in front of the computer since 9 in the morning, trying to apply for the History course, but the website has just not been working. I am worried, and don't know how long the problem would persist," Tenzing Nyidon, an applicant from Arunachal Pradesh, told IANS over phone.

The newly launched online registration facility, which was made available online, would provide for starting the admission process without the otherwise mandatory payment of Rs.100.

"We are aware of the difficulties being faced by the students in the admission process, especially in the online process of applications," said Arun Hooda, president, Delhi University Student Union (DUSU).

Sudershan Singh from Sikkim told IANS: "It is really difficult for out-station students like me. I cannot take a chance. If there is no other way out, I will come to Delhi to carry out the admission process offline."

With changes in the course structure in the varsity, there have been changes introduced also in the sale of prospectus and the pre-admission optical mark recognition (OMR) forms.

The university has now made it compulsory for the students to purchase both the prospectus and the OMR form again, if the applicant commits a mistake on the OMR form. This costs Rs.100.

"We are protesting at the Arts Faculty since morning against the sale of prospectus and OMR sheet. It is a big burden on the students," Hooda said.


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