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Views on Education - The Mother of Aurobindo Ashram.
Posted by Admin on 26-06-2013 at 10:16 am Under General Educational news

“The Mother” of the Aurobindo Ashram was born in Paris in 1878 and was called Mirra Alfassa. She found her spiritual Teacher in Sri Aurobindo and together they established the Aurobindo Ashram in 1920. Both Sri Aurobindo and Mother were great advocates of education and vastly spread their views on education. Later the Mother started a school in Pondicherry to promote Aurobindo’s ideas on education.

The Mother said that education of the child started when it was inside the mother. During pregnancy it is of paramount importance that the mother has virtuous aspirations, has a calm disposition, eats healthy and is totally in a happy frame of mind. The mother can genuinely pray for the child to grow with all positive thoughts and good energy and it will work.

Sri Aurobindo introduced integral education which was a fusion of the physical and the mental development of the student. Mother further compartmentalized it to five aspects in the growth of a child’s education. For education to be successful and holistic the vital, mental, physical, psychic and spiritual activities have to complement each aspect to make education complete.

  Most Parents, Mother says, feel that once they have fed and clothed the child and given him all his worldly wants, their duty is done and once he goes to school the teacher would help his mental growth and the Parents’ duty towards educating the child is over. There are some Parents on the other hand who realize that to educate one’s child one must master one’s own mental capability. A parent has to practice what he preaches. Be an ideal role model to the child. A child learns by observing parental behavior. Advising a child is easy but words of advice may not be effective at all. Parents have to live out the right values like honesty, sincerity, patience unselfishness etc to make the child learn these virtues. Parents to all children are heroes and the best form of learning is in imitation. To make imitation the way one wants it, one has to live the ideals and lead by example.

To earn the child’s respect Parents have to lead a flawless life. Speak the truth always. When children have doubts one has to clear them sensibly and not make ajoke of it. Another successful way to reach a child’s mind, to instill the right values, one may narrate a story which has the right message as children love stories. Stories that have moral values can influence a child more than lectures or speeches.

Mother says one should be wary of not scolding a child too much as the child may get immune and become hard hearted and careless. He could also withdraw into a shell and turn into an introvert. When a child has erred, the mother has to quietly point out the child’s mistake and make him realize where he went wrong instead of chastising him or beating him. Kindly correcting the child will help the child realize his mistake better. Rebuking or punishing will only make the child obstinate and immune to punishment. If a child accepts his fault and confesses, he should be appreciated for confessing and not admonished. There should be no fear in a parent- child relationship. Fear can intimidate a child and he will tend to lie or hide things from the parents. Parents need to trust their children totally to build up the honesty in the child.

Mother firmly believes that education starts with the mother and the father as they are responsible for having brought the child into this world. Schooling and the teacher can follow later but instilling values remains the duty of the parents as well.

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