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Noble prize in chemistry- 2019
2019 Nobel Prize in chemistry is awarded jointly to three scientists Goodenough, Whittingham and Yoshino for the development of Lithium Ion battery which revolutionized the fueling , working and safety  of the gazettes like mobiles , tablets and computers.      A lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery is a secondary cell or rechargeable battery in terms...

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Right direction to become a successful teacher
I thought of sharing my experience with my fellow teachers in a day-to-day language, so that it can reach far-off places irrespective of their level of English proficiency. If even little of my experience can bring some change to teaching–learning process, it will improve educational standard of a class of any school. I shared so...

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My application for US citizenship
MY APPLICATION FOR US CITIZENSHIP I went to US to study from India. As I got admission in one of the US university to undergraduate as an engineer. I got job in General Motors after under graduating from New York university. After earning 5 years working experience in an US based company, I wanted to apply for US citizenship. I talked to my friends about getting US citizenship and suggested me ...

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How to get admission in Teachers’ Training School in India?
How to get admission in Teachers’ Training School in India? Graduates who have completed their degrees can enroll for teachers training program. Teachers'  training is conducted in three levels and they are Pre- School Teachers’ Training, Elementary  School Teachers' Training and Secondary School Teachers' Training.  Pre- School teachers training ...

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The Ten Qualities of an Efficient Teacher
The Ten   Qualities of an Efficient Teacher: Good teachers are made up of a combination of qualities that allow them do their job effectively. There is no denying that all teachers have their own unique blend one or more of these qualities. Each teacher is different but virtually every good teacher has qualities to get across to the students, academically, emotionally, psychologically...

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BENEFITS OF COOKING in case of Vitamin C
BENEFITS OF COOKING in case of Vitamin C At this point, one may wonder why do we cook food if it is disadvantageous to us. There are some benefits that result from cooking: firstly, when you cook food, harmful micro organisms that are food- borne are destroyed. Additionally, the digestibility of many foods ( e.g. starch foods ) increases on cooking. Although this is not the most important benef...

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“Method to check the effect of cooking time on the Vitamin C content in cabbages?”
APPARATUS AND MATERIALS:   ·         1 dm3 of a solution containing 5% orthophosphoric acid (H3PO4) ·         100 cm3 of aqueous 2, 6- dichlorophenolindophenol (dcpip) (0.4 gdm-3) ·         75 cm3 of ascorbic acid (0.20 gdm-3) in 5% orthophos...

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“What is the effect of cooking time on the Vitamin C content in cabbages?”
Vitamin C, which is also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin needed by the human body. It has a chemical structure of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C) appears white in color. However, when it is impure, its color changes into a slightly yellowish color. Moreover, when it dissolves in water, it turns the water mildly acidic. Many animals can manufacture vit...

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Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a substance that has been closely studied throughout history by many people. There have been many different experiments carried out to observe the effects of this substance. One such investigation was carried out in the department of Food Science and Microbiology, in the University of Milan by Serena Guarnieri, Patrizia Riso and Marisa Porrini. Vitamin C seems to be...

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Chemistry sample CBSE Exam paper
                                               CHEMISTRY                                                      &...

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