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Right direction to become a successful teacher
I thought of sharing my experience with my fellow teachers in a day-to-day language, so that it can reach far-off places irrespective of their level of English proficiency. If even little of my experience can bring some change to teaching–learning process, it will improve educational standard of a class of any school. I shared so

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My application for US citizenship
MY APPLICATION FOR US CITIZENSHIP I went to US to study from India. As I got admission in one of the US university to undergraduate as an engineer. I got job in General Motors after under graduating from New York university. After earning 5 years working experience in an US based company, I wanted to apply for US citizenship. I talked to my friends about getting US citizenship and suggested me

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The guru and the mantra!
JD Institute of Fashion Technology officially launched Mr. Tarun Shienh, CMD Premia Group as the “Mentor” for the students of interior design at Eros International Continental recently. The event witnessed the association of two eminent personalities, Mr. Tarun Shienh who is a renowned name in the field of real estate and Mr. RC Dalal who is a pioneer in the field of design education.

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How to get admission in Teachers’ Training School in India?
How to get admission in Teachers’ Training School in India? Graduates who have completed their degrees can enroll for teachers training program. Teachers'  training is conducted in three levels and they are Pre- School Teachers’ Training, Elementary  School Teachers' Training and Secondary School Teachers' Training.  Pre- School teachers training

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The Ten Qualities of an Efficient Teacher
The Ten   Qualities of an Efficient Teacher: Good teachers are made up of a combination of qualities that allow them do their job effectively. There is no denying that all teachers have their own unique blend one or more of these qualities. Each teacher is different but virtually every good teacher has qualities to get across to the students, academically, emotionally, psychologically

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How to Enhance Public Speaking Skills at a Young Age?
 How to Enhance Public Speaking Skills at a Young Age?   At some point or the other every one needs to speak in public on various occasions. The venue for delivering the speech might be different from person to person as also the topic of the speech. But the overall experience of delivering the speech is similar in most cases and that is nervousness in the beginning.

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How To Prepare For The Civil Services
How To Prepare For The Civil Services?   Getting a foothold into the any of the cadres of civil services is a matter of great pride and  prestige. But for most people it can only be imagined and it is indeed a very difficult task. The  Civil Services Examinations as the examinations are called in its entirety is at the entry level  exam taken for making a career

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How To Face Interviews And Improve Chances For Employment?
       How To Face Interviews And Improve Chances For Employment When it’s your first job the thought of facing an interview can be quite nerve racking but with a balanced mind and a by remaining cool you can overcome all the nervous and face the interview successfully. But sometimes even after having faced the interview with confidence, answered all question corr

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How to use social media with responsibility and dignity?
       How to use social media with responsibility and dignity Today the power of social media has been well accepted and it has overpowered all the other media in the world of communication. Today the social media is not restricted by national boundaries and it has made the world a smaller place to live in. The social media has taken the freedom of speech a higher level an

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How To Face Peer Pressure During Teenage Years?
How To Face Peer Pressure During Teenage Years?  Peer pressure is all about the influence friends or peers have on a teenager and how teenagers respond to it reflects the quality of the pressure from the peers. Basically, it all starts when somewhere in the mind of the teen there is a doubt about the self, an awareness of lacking something and an insecurity that sets in the mind due to wha

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