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Frequently Asked Questions. (F.A.Q.)

Q1.Who can post any content on your website Schools24Hours.com?

Answer: Any registered user can post any worth sharing content on Schools24Hours.com but the content will be published only after approval of the editor.

Q2.Who can be the student reporter?

Answer: Your school can nominate two students as student reporters but interested students can directly contact us for the post of student reporter.

Q3.What is the benefits of being student reporter?

Answer: You will get identity card of Schools24Hours.com indicating student reporter and moreover if you have interest in journalism , you will get experience of reporting and editing during your schooling.No where in the world except us reporting experience is provided during schooling itself.

Q4.Does any school need to pay any fee to give the  information about the school?

Answer: No fee is charged for anything other than advertising. If any school wishes to advertise on our website, than prescribed rates are charged.

Q5.Do you help in recruiting staff for schools?

Answer: Yes, as teachers visit our website they can see your schools' profile and advertisement on our website.We also send email news letters to prospective teachers on your behalf once you advertise with us.

Q6.As a principal/owner of school can I publish my profile on your website?

Answer: Yes, you can publish your profile but it will be considered as advertisement.

Q7.As a parent how much can I be assured by Schools24Hours.com that my child will see only good, character building content ?

Answer: Our editor approve the content than only it is published, so you can be 100% assured.


1.We help in establishing and running schools from A to Z and at any level of work with affordable services.

2.We help in staffing as the staff is the most important part of any successful establishment.

3.We provide staff inservice training for core areas of teaching and learning like questioning, bridging between topics while teaching etc.

4.We help you to reach to masses to increase admissions in your school by presenting your school,s beautiful aspects through an excellent website of your school.

5.We promote your schools on www.Schools24Hours.com and our other partner sites.



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