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“Bringing schools closer”

Schools24Hours.com is world’s only educational magazine which brings students, parents, teachers, principals and schools together to share their best practices.

Schools24Hours.com is promoted by Tejasvi Edutech and Media Company and guided by professionals with rich experience in education and technology.

Vision : Bring the schools together to share their best practices and activities and help in shaping the young minds.

Personal Goal: To be world’s largest educational media company in five years.

Gems of Advice: We consider students, parents, teachers and principals as our advisors and we don’t believe in decorating the board with industrialists and corporate owners.

We are bringing schools closer so each school can be benefited by shared ideas and information of successful schools. We are in education for making it to reach to the last person of the vertical.We are enabling each school to share growing web technology.

Each School has the right to be reflected on the web space and we are providing services for schools of all types ranging from highly resourced to the minimised to make them present on the web space with very affordable price.

We provide effective email marketing solutions to businesses of all types so that they can reach to their prospective clients and can communicate with least cost compared to other means of advertisment in the market.

We proudly announce world's best web platform for schools, students and teachers to share their best practices with the rest of the world. Schools24Hours.com is unique web portal for schools, students and teachers to show their activities, events, announcements, news or anything they wish to share with others.

Students can share their self written literary contents like poems, article,models, puzzles etc.

We provide skill development trainings to the new teachers so that they can be confident while standing in the class for teaching as we realised a gap in real situations than the prescribed teachers' training courses through B.Ed or similar courses.



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