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Fashion Designing- A Career That Is Acknowledged Worldwide!
Posted by Admin on 18-11-2013 at 11:10 pm Under Articles

Fashion Designing- A Career That Is Acknowledged Worldwide!

Today there are more options to be considered for a career than what it was a few years back. The fashion industry for example has progressed significantly in leaps and bounds.  The industry today is a million dollar one that is globalized and is not limited to any one region of the world. The fashion industry is a multi-faceted colossal industry where the requirements for fashion designers are always on the rise.    Today the fashion designer is accepted as a person who is highly    creative and innovative and does not only create clothes but also uses the clothes to accentuate the personality of the person wearing them.

 There are many benefits in taking up fashion designing as a career option. Firstly people have become fashion conscious and hence the need for stylish and more fashionable clothes are in great demand. So to create the clothes, highly skilled and style conscious fashion designers are required to fulfill this demand for good looking clothes.

Secondly, the fashion designer is not a job that needs to be done on a strictly monotonous day to day work. It is not bound by any deadlines and time frames. You can take up the job to work under some famous fashion designers and then branch out on your own with your own designer label. This is a highly skilled and creative task, so the more knowledge and skillful you are the better chances for getting your own line of designer clothing to be famous. The   fashion designers around the world do not belong to any organizations but are individuals who have the creativity and skill to be able to attract the attention of the people by using their marketing skills.

Thirdly, though the creativity in a person is inborn and a God- given gift, with the little help from the different software that are available today, any person can become a fashion designer. So if even if you are not so aware of the job involved, you can learn a lot from the use of the software making it easier for you to take up the option of a career in fashion designing.

If you are not interested in branching out alone, another option you can consider is that you need not set up your own line of designer clothing but you can use your creativity and designing skills for a designer who is already famous. This means that though the name does not reflect yours, you are still part of an industry that is growing day by day.

So by taking up fashion designing as a career you have the option to be a freelancer in which the investment is absolutely minimal as you need to invest only in an office and some furniture and engage a team of support staff and junior designers who are similarly creative.

Today when considering a career option, it is good to think beyond being Engineers and doctors as these professions have been taken up by millions of people for ages and hence today it  holds value only with a Masters’ degree attached to it. But in the case of fashion designing, it is the inherent creativity that counts and a certification or a degree to understand the techniques is all that is needed.

An extremely high profile and glamorous industry, today the fashion industry is highly   competitive too as many youngsters are considering this as a career option.  So it is a definite advantage to be armed the needed degree and certifications in fashion designing before you venture out into the mesmerizing world of fashion and glamour. 

Ms Meenu Vashishth


The photo is taken from http://www.flickr.com/photos/urbanwoodswalker/4670198224/

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