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How to use social media with responsibility and dignity?
Posted by Admin on 23-11-2013 at 2:20 pm Under Articles

       How to use social media with responsibility and dignity

Today the power of social media has been well accepted and it has overpowered all the other media in the world of communication. Today the social media is not restricted by national boundaries and it has made the world a smaller place to live in. The social media has taken the freedom of speech a higher level and today everybody has the freedom to say what they like on the various social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. But the social media should be used with caution and a lot of responsibility as there may be somebody who could be hurt by the comments or messages posted on it. Both positive as well as negative postings are found on these social media networking sites and both young and old love to interact on it irrespective of age or gender. It is best to refrain from negatives comments and ensure that you keep the posting generic that does not seem personal to anyone.

The need for more responsible positing on social media networking is more today than before as it is the young that has more access to all these postings. The comments need to be informative and very generic in nature and should not have a bias towards any religion, region, person, or even language. There is a lot of ridicule about pronunciations for example which should be avoided and shunned. No person has the right to make fun of any thing closely related to another person and this is where youngsters can be very responsible in their comments and posting.

Passing on of information can be done quite easily and just as the students of today study together they can also put up questions to be answered or provide answers to questions put up by others. This way they are able to gather quality information which is good for their academics.  References for study material are another piece of information that can be posted on the social media.

Students can be helpful by putting up posts on information ailments like diabetes or High Blood Pressure.  A small artistic poster that attracts people to take note of it and read the message for a regular check up to rule out cancer is a good way to be responsible on the social media. Children are sometimes at a danger in these social networking sites and by befriending the wrong kind of person through the sites it can be quite dangerous for the safety of the child. So desist from making friends with people who are new and always take the guidance of a parent or an elder before giving out personal details.

Apart from diseases you can also put up special information about gardening, pets, caring for vehicles or cycles, electronic equipments and even the phones and computer.

 Anecdotes, jokes and other such postings make for good reading and this also provides the needed entertainment. Riddles and puzzles are a good way to be proactive on these social media networking sites and also ensure that you remain in contact with others on the site.

Social media networking sites are a great boon of the modern day communication systems and by using it with dignity and responsibly you are actually placing the benefit on an elevated plain. Today messages can be passed on from one end of the world to another in minutes and this is all because of the revolution that has taken place in the new generation communication methods. By making use of these modern methods to provide the people with knowledge and information, you are actually paying respects to the intelligence of all those people because of whom the technology has advance so much. So instead of wasting it for triviality, ensure that you make good use of it and enjoy the fruits of the social media networking processes. 

Anup Sharma

( Educationist with more than 15 years of experience in India and abroad.. He is presently serving the cause of education in Tanzania)

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