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How To Face Interviews And Improve Chances For Employment?
Posted by Admin on 17-12-2013 at 10:20 pm Under Articles

       How To Face Interviews And Improve Chances For Employment

When it’s your first job the thought of facing an interview can be quite nerve racking but with a balanced mind and a by remaining cool you can overcome all the nervous and face the interview successfully. But sometimes even after having faced the interview with confidence, answered all question correctly and abided by all the rules of the game, you still may not land a job. So first you need to understand that not all successful interviews lead to a job.  There may be many factors involved in getting a job like someone who is better qualified than you are. There may b3e others who are more experience than you are in a particular field so quite naturally that person stands a better a chance. Another main factor is the CTC, or “cost to the company”, which is the salary that is expected. Of course today there are many ways to know the kind of salary offered for a particular job and for a specific number of years of experience but still at that moment may be your expectations and what they offer are not compatible.

So irrespective of whether you get the job or not, success in an interview does not depend on that. The factors that are most important in proving an interview to be successful are the way you attempted all the rounds, how successful have you been in answering the questions in all the rounds and finally the HR round that determines that soft skills you posies like the language skills, ability to communicate and interact and finally others skills like leadership qualities. Here are a few tips on how to face an interview panel and to improve your chances for the job.

·         Do your homework to know more about the employer, the company and the products or services they provide. Visit their website if possible to know more about the business and the company.

·         Get a set of usual questions prepared and be well equipped with the answers. Also remember not to “memorize” them but to “speak” the answers.  So practice this well

·         Remember always speak positively about your previous experience, job, employers and the company. Of course if you are a fresher, this can overlooked.

·         Be punctual as this will further your chances to a great extent. By punctual it does not mean you arrive too early but just in time may be about 10 to 15 minutes early. By arriving too early you are making your anxiousness very obvious

·         Body Language, the vocal pitch and the articulation all matters a lot and if this is your first interview it is good to practice these factors before appearing for one. Get the help of a teacher or find information on the internet for this

·         The way you present yourself is also very important. Remember to wear comfortable clothes that do not add to your nervous condition. Also do not play around with the dress when answering questions as this is a sign of nervousness. It is best to avoid accessories altogether if you are a male and for females using the minimum accessories is ideal.

By following these tips it is possible that you can come out with flying colors irrespective of whether you land the job or not. The fact that you were confident not only about yourself but also about taking on the job if given an opportunity is what you have gained from the interview. Also remember that confidence is a good boost but over-confidence can destroy the impression even if you have answered all the questions and showed up in all perfection. So remember to keep that over-confidence at bay.

All the Best!!!!!!

Anup sharma

( Anup sharma is an educationist with more than 15 years of experience in India and abroad. Presently he is serving the cause of education in Tanzania.)

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