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Aeronautics as a Career Option
Posted by Admin on 13-04-2013 at 8:29 am Under Articles

Aeronautics as a Career Option:

Today there is a long list of career options to choose from and all the careers that are available that are highly lucrative and progressive. One of the latest career options is that in the aviation industry. There are different levels of jobs that one can take up according to one’s aptitude, qualification, and experience. The academic programs in aviation make you well grounded and knowledgeable to help you land a good job and make aeronautics a good career option. Today there are many educational institutions around the world to give you those basic as well as advanced training programs to help you be well equipped for a career in Aeronautics.


Preparing For a Career in Aeronautics


If you really want to make a career in the aviation industry, you can take up a vast number of courses that will help you land a fantastic job in the industry. You can choose from a Bachelors’ or a Masters’ degree to taking up certification or accreditation courses that will give you opportunities to land jobs. The duration of the courses usually last from one year to four years. The Masters can be done only after graduating and it usually takes two years to earn a Masters’ degree. There are many divisions you can major in and one of them is Aeronautics while the others are Aircraft engineering which is usually a ground job. Diploma or certificate holders can opt for mechanics jobs which are really in great demand with the increase in aircrafts and the number of airline companies. Another job that is very much in demand in the aviation industry is that of an aircraft designer. This is a highly professional job and involves a lot of creativity too apart from the technical knowledge.


Pilot – the most coveted job

One of the most coveted jobs is that of a pilot. As young children most of you might have dreamed of becoming a pilot and flying a plane. When taking up a course in pilot training you can realize those dreams very easily. Firstly there is a huge demand for pilots the world over. The reason for this being that today airplane travel has become less expensive and more and more people fly to their destinations in order to save time. Secondly, the job of a pilot is highly paid considering that there are some risks involved and to get an individual to become a pilot the perks need to be really attractive. And last but not the least, there are many advantages involved as you get to visit and see a number of countries and also meet a lot of people all over the world. You need to be certified to be a pilot and for a commercial pilot you need to get the commercial pilot license and the other option is to join the Air Force where again you need to undergo the rigorous training that is imparted by the defense academy of every country.


Other Criteria Required For a Career in Aeronautics

Some of the other criteria that a person must have to take up a job in aeronautics successfully include a good personality and a high level of physical fitness. Moreover, qualities like commitment, dedication and communication abilities are some of the other qualities that the person intending to take up a career in aeronautics.

So, if you are planning a career in aeronautics, then you can consider it after you +2 levels and take up a degree and follow it up with a Masters. This will equip you well for a great and highly profitable career in aeronautics.

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