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What are the Career Options in the Pharmaceuticals Industry?
Posted by Admin on 13-04-2013 at 7:32 am Under Articles

What are the Career Options in the Pharmaceuticals Industry?

One of the most lucrative sectors in industries today is the pharmaceutical industry. There are an abundance of career opportunities attached to the functioning of this industry and hence you can make your choice even within the different divisions in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether it is in the productions of the medicines, the administration of the company producing the medicines, the research and development sector within the industry or a part of the sales force that sell the medicine are all options for a job in the pharmaceutical industry. That is why the pharmaceutical industry is one of the highest ranking among the big companies in any stock market around the world.

 If you are looking for an opening in the pharmaceutical industry then first and foremost you need to gather information about the industries, the kind of jobs people do within the industry as well as out of it and most importantly what education qualification and other eligibility criteria are required to get into the industry. If you are planning to take up a career in the pharmaceutical industry, then on completion of your schooling, you need to take up Science subjects in the +2 levels. Only after completion of the +2 levels can you direct your education towards the study of pharmaceutical sciences to prepare you for any divisions within the industry.

Good news for young students from Non- Science background is that even they can consider job options in the pharmaceutical industries as there are many openings that need manpower with management background, finance background and most significantly with   background in Information Technology.  So when looking for an opening in pharmaceutical industry, if you are a Science student then the opportunities are in the medicine division and non Science students can hope to look out for in the other divisions like those mentioned earlier.

Before you opt for the pharmaceutical industry, you need to assess your aptitude in the subjects that you think you enjoy most. If it is one of the Science subjects, then quite naturally you can opt for jobs in the medicine manufacturing division, research and development divisions, testing sectors, and pharmaceutical engineering. If it is in the Commerce subjects you feel comfortable, then taking up finance or related jobs is the best option. And you can also upgrade you qualifications by in either Science or Commerce streams by taking up a Masters or a Management degree after your Bachelors degree. This way you get further options to take up jobs in the HR divisions. If your interests are in IT or computers then jobs in the related sectors are available in the pharmaceutical industry.

One of the most sought after careers in the pharmaceutical industry is that of the sales representative. Very highly paid the job is suitable for people, especially males, who prefer the outdoors and travel. For girls the most suitable job would be in the research and development or in the IT sectors. Even as an HR, girls are more preferred by most companies.

So, it’s a huge world out there in the pharmaceutical industry and landing a job is a dream come true as not only are the jobs  highly paid but also very satisfying as you are a part of producing something that is life saving and protecting life. Today the pharmaceutical industry is one that is well in the path of growth and development and the need for more and more life saving drugs increase. So, there is no dearth of job opportunities, that are available for young people like you and it is up to you to make the effort to make use of the available opportunity.

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