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Journalism – An Exciting Career Option
Posted by Admin on 13-04-2013 at 8:33 am Under Articles

Journalism – An Exciting Career Option

The adage that the pen is mightier than the sword is very true and hence many people believe in the saying and are tempted to take up professions that are related to the proverb. For example that of Journalism and media related professions are in great demand and today more and more youngsters are inspired by television, internet and the social networking sites to make journalism and writing their profession. You can also take up jobs in the print media according to your preference of the kind of print media it is. If you are interested in politics and social issues then you can take up news editing and reporting or simply writing about current issues. If it is entertainment like films and television then you can be a writer or a reporter for those pages. Similarly for sports there is a special pages where you can either report or voice your opinion. So by taking up journalism you can be either attached to the media and mass communication or Journalism to be a journalist.

Eligibility criteria & Skills:

To be a journalist you need to study journalism or mass communication once you have completed the +2 levels. There are both the Bachelor’s as well as the Master’s degree and the more qualified you are the better prospects face you. These are the academic requirements but other than the academics you also need to be well–read, extensively informed especially on current matters, and above all the mentality to learn more and absorb more information to help you generate an analytical mind. In most cases the job of a journalist involves working in a team and hence the ability to communicate well and within the team and be a part of the team makes a great journalist. A high level proficiency in the language in which you are planning to exhibit your journalistic skills is mandatory. If you are in the visual media like TV, then you also need to look presentable but not necessarily beautiful or handsome. Looking presentable means, being well dressed and with a good body language. Another factor that goes beyond academics in the world of journalism is that you need to be extra bold and daring to explore unknown and unseen territory. Travel is sometimes an important aspect of journalism. Social constraints should be done away with especially with narrow-minded approach because as a journalist you are not supposed to have any kind of cultural, gender, age or class bias. 

Studying for a career in Journalism:

Today you can find a large number of colleges and universities offering journalism and mass communication courses at different levels. For example you can take up a bachelor’s degree and then go in for masters to specialize in some aspect of journalism. Since career in Journalism extends to the print media, the visual media which is the television, the audio media which is the radio and the internet. Each of these has different specifications in reporting, writing and presentation. So you need to specialize to not only understand the differences but also adopt each one as it should be. Another very important characteristic that you should possess to be a journalist or a new reporter is that you not only gather information but also must understand how to disseminate the news so that there is no external information added by you that is not justified or verified. 

 Apart from being a highly lucrative job, the job of a journalist is also very attractive because to is high flying, and glamorous.  So now you can opt for a career in journalism and make a mark in the world of information and entertainment.

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Really journalism has been a lucrative and fascinated career for youths for quite some time.The article is well explaining and through enough light on journalism very well.
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