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Art of success - how to get selected in an interview.
Posted by Admin on 30-12-2013 at 9:52 am Under Articles

Manoj Kumar from Daman ,

An articles on how to get selected in interview - Art of sucess

About 7 years ago, I was working with an automobile company in Delhi. One morning at 11 am, when I was busy in my office, suddenly I received a call from Mumbai. On the other side there was a young lady consultant, asking me to have an interview with her clients for a better job. Actually she  saw my resume on naukari.com and found that my profile suited her client’s requirements. Her client was the MD of a reputed plastic molding company and they were impressed with my resume.

Interview time was fixed at 2:00 pm at Gurgaon, Hotel Radisson. She advised me to reach on time because the Interviewer had a flight at 4:00 pm to go back to Mumbai. I reached hotel before 1.30 pm but I was not comfortable with my dress. So I called the interviewer (MD), apologized and informed him that I will try to be on time. I went home, changed my clothes and wore an office suit. I reached the hotel suite at 2pm. When I entered the room and observed, three gentlemen (MD along with two unit heads) were waiting for me as I was the last candidate for the interview. They asked for my latest resume’s hard copy and started the interview.

They asked me questions on various topics:

  • Traffic jam in NCR
  • Why was I interested in their company
  • Problems in the current job
  • Problems with the current Boss
  • My goals and accomplishments, passion, strengths and weaknesses
  • How to manage contract workers
  • Joining period etc .

And guess what, the same day at 5pm I got the best news of my life. WOW! The job was mine! I was very happy. Within a day I got the offer for my dream job and got it the same day .On behalf of that interview and after speaking with many of my colleagues I would like to share the following tips on how to get selected in an interview.

1.  Catch the interviewer’s eye through your resume
Make your resume such that everything about you is crystal clear through it. Your resume must have your present job’s description; your qualification, experience, personal details and everything should be categorized and formatted.

2.  Bring hard copy of resume
Your interviewer is likely to have a copy of your resume but bring spares. It shows you’re prepared and serious about getting the job.

3.  Be on time
Make it a point to leave early for the interview so that you do not end up making lame excuse of traffic or break down of car.

4.  Switch off your mobile phone
This is 100% mandatory. Before entering the interview room do not forget to check whether your phone is switched off or not. A ringing phone leaves a bad impression.

5. Know the company
Learn from people, Internet or other sources about the company’s mission, objectives, goals, and future plans.

6.  Wear formal Dress in a clean conservative manner
Make sure you go for a job interview having showered and wearing clean clothes. The clothes should be forma and ironed. Get a hair cut and shave done. Don’t forget to polish your shoes.

7.  Don’t talk nonsense
Your answer should be in accordance to the question asked. Don’t try beating about the bush to answer a question.

8.  Don’t criticize your boss
Bad mouthing a previous boss in an interview is considered negative.·
They may have been the worst boss in the world but expressing that in a job interview is a huge mistake.

9.  Have a good eye contact
Staring at the floor, ceiling, or wall while speaking or listening makes you appear disinterested. Show them your interest in the job by maintaining an eye contact.

10.  Don’t play with your fingers, face and hairs
Interviews can be a nervous experience but rubbing your chin, twirling your hair, makes you look like you’re lying or lacking confidence. So avoid using such gestures.

11.  Have goals
May be you don’t have any idea where you want to be in a few years professionally but figure out something to say.
If you don’t think about it and you’re asked, you would appear un-ambitious, which leads an interviewer to think you’d be a lazy employee.

12.  Have events & learning
Be prepared to talk about something that you’re proud of accomplishing, whether professionally or personally.·
An incident of failure can be shared if you have learnt from it.

13.  Ask Questions
At the end of the job interview make sure you have some questions to ask. If the interviewer doesn’t offer you a chance, ask to ask. Again, it reinforces your strong interest in the job.
14.  Send a thank you note
It’s easy to send an email but take the extra effort to mail your interviewer a hand written thank you note. It doesn’t need to be long, just make it sincere.

Good Luck!
Now the best job interview’s major tips are with you. Stick to them and you’ll be on your way to get hired!



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Very valuable tips. Amazing article.
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