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Sex Education Should Be Made Mandatory In Schools:
Posted by Admin on 10-12-2013 at 11:15 pm Under Articles

Sex Education Should Be Made Mandatory In Schools:

In most parts of the world sex education has been made mandatory but in India it is still a taboo subject that one does not like to discuss. Sex education involves the instruction of topics that deal with human sexuality and within that peripheral the topics like physical relations between two people, the sexual anatomy, and all the issues relating to human sexual behavior. Human sexuality encompasses sexual thinking, emotions and physical involvement.

By making sex education compulsory in schools, a lot of social problems can be sorted out and more healthy approach will become evident, especially among the younger generation.  The new generation has progressed much in this regard thanks to the exposure they get on TV and films. Earlier, women never spoke of having periods in public and never confided even to other girls, leave alone boys. But today boys have become more knowledgeable about such issues and the girls have no inhibitions about telling their male classmates why they can’t join them in swimming. But this over-exposure has had negative repercussions as there is a sense of insecurity in boys who feel that women are now more open and more advanced if not equal to them. This has resulted in a number of attacks and assaults on women and which is a grave concern for the people of our country today.

Imparting an education that promulgates a healthy and positive approach to sex is what the future generations need so that just as education on other topics have taken the people forward, sex education too can make the youth of today more tolerant, acceptable and broadminded in their approach to the opposite sex and to sex in general.

The lack of knowledge of sex has led to a serious problem in the form of unwed mothers and teenage pregnancy. Young girls and boys are not ready to take the responsibility of mothering or fathering a child but due to lack of knowledge of protected sex, they commit this mistake and have to pay heavily at times with their life. Girls in particular must be given all information and guidance regarding pregnancy and parenting. They are the more susceptible ones and in all likelihood, they are ones to suffer the most alone.

Another major concern is the freedom to express and confide in people who are close to the youngsters. With sex education this problems can be easily solved as the young children might find someone to confide in about their concerns of growing up. The teenage is one of the most difficult and traumatic periods of ones life. Changes become evident in the physical condition, emotions never known earlier start to raise their heads and most importantly parents see them as grown up children. The term “grown –up children” by itself is quite confusing as the children do not really whether they are “grown ups” or “children”. It is up to the parents and teachers to be friends with the children and make them confide in them the growing concerns over their sexuality and their physical changes with trigger sexual feelings in them.  With the help of sex education, the children can get rid of the concerns and treat the growing differences in their body as development and progress which is a positive thing rather than be ashamed of it.

Sex education again helps to understand the value of life by protecting it by indulging in safe sex. This not only helps in limiting the spread of diseases but also prevents pregnancies. So in all respects, sex education is vital for young girls and boys who come out of high well equipped in the skills and abilities in all subjects except sex. 

Anup Sharma

( Educationist with more than 15 years expeience in India and Abroad. Presently He is serving the cause of education in Tanzania. You can send your responses to him at anupanjan@yahoo.com)

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