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Acting – A Lucrative Career
Posted by Admin on 11-04-2013 at 7:40 am Under Articles

The end result of a successful acting career may be glamorous and attractive but to reach that level a lot of hard work, plenty of blessing from Lady Luck and a number sacrifices need to be made. If you are interested in acting, then taking up acting as a profession is a good idea as long as you know the ropes and you know how to go about it. If you really love acting, and have tried acting as a hobby at the school and college level, then here are some tips on how to make a career of acting.

Firstly you must be able to identify where your passion lies. That is whether you are interested in acting in drama on stage, TV or films. Once you have recognized your goal and you know where you want to display your acting talents, then you need to move in that direction. But a word of caution here, acting in drama is not as lucrative as acting in TV or Films, and of the three films are the most lucrative and the hardest to make a name for you. A lot of research is needed in whichever field you want to make a mark. Another factor that you must keep in mind is that you should always start from scratch, that is start acting professionally on stage, then enter TV and finally make it to films.

Firstly take up the stage acting for example locally organized dramas, presentations of periodic or historic characters, and enact diverse characters in different plays so that you can understand in which kind of role you excel and in which you are not as good. Moreover, by taking up acting stints locally you also make a name in the locality as a good actor which can spread to other places. Then probably you can take up acting jobs in the dramas on stage. Sometimes you would find drama troupes traveling all over the country and even internationally with the same drama staged everywhere. This can bring you into contact with professionals in the same field and may be you will attract somebody’s attention enough to be given a role in movies or in the television plays and serials.

When acting in television, it can be monotonous and repetitive so you need to maintain your creativity by doing something different at the same time continue acting to survive. Also if you are capable of maintaining yourself financially then you can also take up other acting careers like part-time teacher in an acting academy, or you can yourself learn the art of filmmaking or acting in films. This will enable you to be prepared to know the art of making films.

If you want to enter films directly ensure that you have a training certification and some good profile photographs ready.  One of the best ways is to approach the casting directors who take up the work of casting for movies.  Once a casting director has approved you then move forward to the director and impress the director to ensure that you are present in most of the movies produced and directed by the director.

Acting as a career is a highly lucrative job with a lot of fame attached to it, but at times it can be short lived. So remember to put all the money earned into good use so that when the good days are over, you are still able to lead a fairly decent lifestyle. Branching out into other businesses related to film making is another good to ensure that you are still well maintained financially.

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