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Tips and Techniques to Enhance English Language Skills
Posted by Admin on 20-07-2013 at 1:27 pm Under Articles

Today the world over English has come to be accepted as a language for communication especially in the globalized work place environment. So to keep up with the demands of communication, it has become extremely necessary that the young Indian generation learn to speak the language fluently and correctly. Today the scenario is such that most of the student generation who graduate from colleges aspiresto earn a foreign Masters’ degree and to help them earn the Masters they look out for admissions in universities andcolleges o USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Some of the well- known European universities too in France and Germany are in great demand for specialized education like the MBA programs and the Programs in the Hotel and tourism industry.


There are many ways you can become fluent and proficient in English especially to help you communicate. Some of the most important learning techniques include:

Engaging in a dialogue with self- this is one of the most effective methods to gain familiarity with the words and the tone of the language. You may not be hundred percent correct in grammar or vocabulary when you speak to yourself as you are not able to correct yourself but at least you get the feel of speaking the language and the tone becomes easy on the ear when you hear the spoken language. You can do this silently in your mind when you are alone in a private area like when taking a shower or spending some time alone. 

Make time to engage in all the four modules of language learning: Learning any language involves the four modules which are Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening. So the more you read, write, speak and listen to, the more enhanced your proficiency in that particular language is bound to be. Hence the same is the case with English too.

ü  Read as much material as you can and make sure you read books that are a couple of level lower than what you are at. If you are a graduate student for example, you can read the English text books of the high school students in your home or neighborhood.

ü  Writing can be practiced by writing short paragraphs and getting them evaluated by a learned person who is a friend or a relative and with whom you do not have any inhibitions. A free and frank opinion on what you write will enhance your ability to write coherently and cohesive. When engaging in writing practice, it is a good idea to keep a book that will help with translationof words from you native language. One word to note is that you should never ever translate a sentence from any language to English or vice versa. You can try out translating words though which is helpful.

ü  Listening to any language helps to enhance the fluency in that particular language and when you exposed to English, you will not only become familiar with the tone and diction of the language but also learn a few new vocabulary which is again an evidence for knowledge of the language.

ü  The most vital part of language learning is speaking and the more practice you put in speaking the better you fluency. So try and speak as much as possible without actually bothering to speak correctly. But at the same time you must be open to correction and not feel ashamed of being corrected.

ü  Repeat in English whatever you speak in your native language. This will help you to understand and speak the English language in day to day settings.

English being a universal language makes it important that you know to speak it well so that when you need to communicate in an international scenario, you are well equipped to do so. Few factors you must keep in mind include:

Do not be shy of speaking in public but ensure that you are correct. By speaking correctly even if your accent and tone has the influence of your native language it does not matter. Minor grammatical errors can be overlooked.

Try and listen to lectures, debates and speeches repeatedly to understand the words better.

Play word games, grammar games and vocabulary games on the internet. This will help you to enhance your knowledge of English.

By following these tips and techniques you can be confident that you are on the right track in mastering the Queen’s language and become fluent in it. 

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