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Career options in the world of sports
Posted by Admin on 13-04-2013 at 7:49 am Under Articles

Imagine making a life out of your passion by making it a career! Nothing can ever match up to a career than enjoying what you do and getting paid for it which is a double delight. A highly lucrative yet specialized career is that of a sports manager. If you are armed with a degree in sports management, it is sure to take you places not only in the world of sports but it also extends to a number of other possibilities. They include corporate houses which endorse sports and encourage the sporting events, governmental and non-governmental departments that have a division for sports and manufacturers and sellers of sports goods all engage sports management personnel nowadays. Sports management is just one of the most successful careers among the many different kinds of options for careers available in the world of sports.  

Today most sports persons both males and females are adored for the game they play and the fact that they represent the state or country make them real life heroes who have a large fan following. Besides gaining this popularity, they are also acknowledged by the government for their commitment and contribution to their respective sports and they are awarded with medals and titles which is a great way to be known.

Most sports and sporting events today are sponsored by corporate houses and hence the money that they pay, and the other staff involved in any sporting event is huge. So there is a great chance of earning much more than you imagined in a very short time period provided of course you excel in the sporting event. You contribution should be inspiring for the selectors to pick you to represent the country. 

If by any chance you have not been lucky enough to play big time and earn lucratively, then you always have the chance to teach young talent in schools and colleges. The demand for sports teachers is very high and all schools are supposed to have specialized trainers for special sports like Cricket, Football and Tennis. This option is indeed very humble when compared to the others but nevertheless you can start off a career is sports by being a sports trainer in schools and colleges, training centers and coaching institutes.

Again if none of this work you still have the option of starting a training center for a particular sport. Today the lack of sport training facilities is acute in most small towns and the great population of latent that lies there remain unnoticed. So by starting up a center for training with modern facilities there is bound to be a great response.

Besides these options you still have options like non-playing jobs which require administrative and managerial capabilities. These are very high flying jobs where you need to be highly dynamic and enterprising. Simply academics are not likely to help you so much.

Other branch of sports is journalism and commentating and both these need you to be very fluent in the language you want to commentate on or write on. The visual and the audile media are expanding to encompass sports in almost every channel. Most TV channels have a special channel dedicated to sports and at times a specific sporting event. For example we all know that there are specific channels dedicated to Cricket.

So once you are at the crossroads and in doubt about choosing a career and if you are good at any sport then you can very well consider making it a career. Though the sporting world is already crowded there is still space for more. So just go ahead and try your luck!!!!!


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